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Information & Policy Sheet
BOARDING: $35/day per dog, $25/each additional dog
*All size dogs accepted at the South location, but NO pit bulls or pit mixed dogs - please.
Peanut Butter Kong $2.50
Cheese Kong $2.50
Cup of Soup $2.50
Bowl Of Ice Cream $2.50
    Also require all dogs must have the K9 influenza Vaccination  (CIV) in order to stay at either location, daycare as well as grooming
Fantasia Pet Resort South Reno
has seventeen boarding suites for our pet guests.
  • Our indoor facility is temperature controlled year round.
  • Our suites are an average of 120 square feet. Our themed suites are complete with wall murals, raised over-stuffed beds, raised feeding diners, filtered drinking fountains and televisions.
  • Our 17 suites will comfortably accommodate multiple large breeds and small breeds alike.
  • Suite staff sanitize each building and each suite daily with a non-caustic sanitizing cleaners designed specifically for boarding facilities and vet hospitals.
  • Staff also check each suite hourly to make sure all of our guests have plenty of water and keep all suites clean until bed time.
  • Our pet guests also will participate in Day Camp with our Day Care guests. Our guests must be spayed or neutered to participate in Day Camp. To accommodate those that are still intact we will take 4-5 (approx 15 min) walks around the area.
  • You may arrive to check in your pet at any time after opening and up to 1/2 hours before closing.
    Pets checked out by 12pm will avoid another day's charges. 
  • For First Visit Clients we require a pre-payment deposit of the 1st night's stay. If the reservation is cancelled that deposit is non-refundable. We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Debit Cards and cash - we do not accept checks.
  • FREE SHUTTLE TRANSPORTATION (for boarding guests only) must be dropped off by noon at either location. A $10 fee is charged for dropping off shuttle dogs after 12pm (Noon)

Our trained staff at Fantasia Pet Resort understand that some of our guests may have special needs.  Please feel free to discuss any special requirements with us when you make your reservation - we will do everything in our power to make sure your pet is taken care of and provided for.   The following is a sampling of special needs that can be accommodated:

  • Medications & Supplements - There is a additional $2 charge for medication administration each time per day that medication's need to be given. Pets boarding that require medication must be checked in with the proper amount of medication for their entire stay. Owners are responsible for providing all medications. Fantasia Pet Resort WILL NOT allow any pets to check in without the correct medications!

  • Special meal preparation
  • Extra feeding times
  • Food from home
  • Water from home
  • Treats from home
  • Special handling care
  • Daily brushing


Your pet will undoubtedly be happy to see you after their trip. Following a few simple steps will ease the transition back to home life.
  • Over-excitement may make a pet pant a lot and act thirsty. He/she is probably not really thirsty, and had plenty of water available at the boarding facility. Give him/her a few ice cubes to tide him over until he settles down.  Food, but please be aware that excessive drinking and eating may lead to digestive upsets and bloating. Do not feed your pet for at least three hours after coming home from the kennel, and then limit the food and water you provide until he/she has settled back into normal home life.

  • Walk your pet upon arrival or allow access to a yard area. Excitement may also cause a change in urination or bowel movements outside his/her normal schedule.

  • Give your pet some personalized attention -- some play time or sitting and petting or brushing him/her will help him get through the excitement state and calm down.

  • Kennel life can be very exciting, and some dogs charge around barking at other dogs and having a wonderful time. These dogs often leave the kennel exhausted but happy, and sleep a lot the first couple of days they are home.

  • Re-establish home patterns by following a normal schedule. Pets love following a schedule -- it makes them feel safe and secure.



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